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Address: 158 Antill Road, London, E3 5BN, United Kingdom

Mobile: +44 7762 656493

Telephone: +44 20 8981 2669

Tom Kaneko MA(hons)

Architectural Designer with a hand in music, programming and graphic design

Tom Kaneko graduated from Edinburgh University’s School of Architecture in 2007 with a RIBA Part 1 qualification.  He worked for a+j burridge architects (now shsburridge architects), before moving to England.  While the construction industry suffered the economic crash, he made a side career in web design for startup companies, and produced music.

Tom returned to his love of architecture in 2012, delivering small projects for domestic clients, and assisting other architects in a variety of roles with their projects on a freelance basis.  His Balcorne Street house extension completed in 2012, in which he and the client worked together to deliver a unique extension that sits gracefully in a busy Victorian terraced neighbourhood.  The house was featured in OpenHouse London 2014.

Tom’s close network of construction professionals include shsburidge architects and PR Design in Scotland, and Chassay Studio in London, with whom he has collaborated on larger scale projects.


Design can solve big problems with small solutions

Design and architecture does not need to come with a hefty price tag.  Sometimes a little advice and some creative thinking is all you need to solve your space problems.  Tom Kaneko believes in getting the best value for money, and that often means small design interventions with big impacts.