IT in Architecture

Building in Sketchup

My recent project to build a single storey house extension has pushed me to try something new. I am virtually building the house, with insulation, studs and all using a popular 3D modelling program called Sketchup, by Google.  I use it in conjunction with an application called LayOut, which helps you lay out the Sketchup views on a 2D print format.

Sketchup drawings for extension

Environmental analysis and integrated working

a+j burridge Highland Housing scheme

"Collaboration" is the big word in architecture today. Yet I'm not sure how much of it actually happens. Architects outsource to engineers, quantity surveyors, contractors and environmental scientists, to name a few professions, but I'm not sure how much of it you can call collaborating. Traditionally these professions have defined boundaries of responsibility; boundaries that are rarely crossed by an outsider.

Building Information Modeling

A less than adequate wikipedia entry on Building Information Modeling can be found here

What is it? Why would we use it? Where are we with BIM? Where are we going with BIM? Further reading

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