LayOut Scrapbook - Standard Set and Electrical

It's been while since I updated users with my set of scrapbooks for SketchUp LayOut.  Here are the ones I use at the moment for your use.  These are all LayOut 2015 scrapbooks, so won't work on older versions, sorry...

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This is the standard scrapbook I have open most of the time.  Adapted from the TB scrapbook.

Scary thing about building No 1

Yes, building projects in general are exciting things, but anyone who has watched Grand Designs will know the stress and anxiety that they can cause. This is not reserved just for the client, but also true for any involved professional who has an ounce of soul and empathy. So it is with my first extension project for my friend Jemima. Being a fellow ex-architecture student and friend, the client-architect relationship (I should point out I am effectively an architect without a title for this project) has come naturally. Quite often, it has been myself that was pushing the scope of the project down on account of the limited budget! I feel a huge responsibility over the small fortune that my friend is putting into this project. In our minds, architectural practice is overshadowed by design, and the project management element is a neglected subject. Good project management (and empathy) is the difference between a satisfied client with a successful building, and a resentful one with a building tainted by the memory of its birth. With this is mind, here's are the parts of building that make me anxious.

Building in Sketchup

My recent project to build a single storey house extension has pushed me to try something new. I am virtually building the house, with insulation, studs and all using a popular 3D modelling program called Sketchup, by Google.  I use it in conjunction with an application called LayOut, which helps you lay out the Sketchup views on a 2D print format.

Sketchup drawings for extension

A very old house

Timber structure bedroom

In the heart of the village of Great Missenden, is a very old house. The original detached building is of timber construction from the 16th century. After many alterations and the rise of neighbouring houses over the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, it is now a grade II listed, terraced home. This house was to be my first major project;

Sketchup Resources


Sketchup is a great application. One of the great things about it is the ability to share bits and pieces with a whole community of users. I have a list of things SketchUp and LayOut users might find useful. All released under a Creative Commons License (free to share). If you would like me to add your work, feel free to email it to me, and I will add them to this list. Scrapbook: TK - Standard Scrapbook - Has standard architectural symbols that I use frequently. contents:



Environmental analysis and integrated working

a+j burridge Highland Housing scheme

"Collaboration" is the big word in architecture today. Yet I'm not sure how much of it actually happens. Architects outsource to engineers, quantity surveyors, contractors and environmental scientists, to name a few professions, but I'm not sure how much of it you can call collaborating. Traditionally these professions have defined boundaries of responsibility; boundaries that are rarely crossed by an outsider.

Building Information Modeling

A less than adequate wikipedia entry on Building Information Modeling can be found here

What is it? Why would we use it? Where are we with BIM? Where are we going with BIM? Further reading